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    Horizon 2020 Energy Training - Last Calls

    04-02-2020, 10:00–14:00 in Sion
    Deadline passed on 04.02.2020

    In this training we will focus on the Work Programme (WP) Secure, Clean & Efficient Energy - Europe in a Changing World and the requirements of a collaborative project proposal.

    The event is two-fold in scope, it provides an insight on the key elements in Energy proposals tailored on participants' interests, and an interactive part built on ad-hoc exercises. Participants are expected to work on a submission of a specific topic in the aforementioned WP. Please check the Euresearch topic preview summarising all the Energy calls planned in 2020.

    Door opening is at 09:30 (welcome coffee), the event starts at 10:00 and ends at 13:00 with a light lunch. The number of participants is limited to 20.

    Participants have to send selected TOPICS to, the latest on 28 January 2020, to allow us to customise the training.


    10:00–10:05 Welcome
    10:05–10:35 Key elements in Energy proposals
    Dr Stefan Fischer - NCP Energy & SMEs - Euresearch Network Office
    10:35–12:55 Time for action
      Section 1: Excellence + hands on exercise
      Section 2: Impact + hands on exercise
      Section 3: Implementation + hands on exercise
    12:55–14:00 Conclusion and lunch


    HES-SO Valais-Wallis
    Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie, BR01
    Route du Rawyl 47
    1950 Sion


    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    04-02-2020, 10:00–14:00 in Sion
    Deadline passed on 04.02.2020

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Office HES-SO
    Tel.: +41 58 900 01 11

    Field of Interest

    • Industrial Sectors
      • Energy
        • Energy storage and transport
          • Heat storage
            • Heat transport and supply, district heating
              • Storage of electricity, batteries
                • Transmission of electricity
                  • Transport and storage of gas and liquid fuels
                    • Transport and storage of hydrogen
                      • Power to gas technology
                      • Energy production, transmission and conversion
                        • Generators, electric engines and power converters
                          • Heat exchangers
                            • Combined heat and power
                              • Other energy related machinery
                                • Turbines
                                  • Hydrogen production
                                    • Micro-generation and grid connection
                                      • Heat pump
                                        • Smart grids
                                          • Furnace and boiler technologies
                                            • Compression and liquefaction of gases
                                              • Cooling technologies
                                                • Fuel cells
                                                • Fossil Energy Sources
                                                  • Gaseous fossil fuel
                                                    • Solid fossil fuel
                                                      • Liquid fossil fuel
                                                        • Mining and extraction
                                                        • Nuclear Fission / Nuclear Fusion
                                                          • Renewable Sources of Energy
                                                            • Geothermal energy
                                                              • Hydropower
                                                                • Photovoltaics
                                                                  • Solar/Thermal energy
                                                                    • Solid biomass
                                                                      • Waste incineration
                                                                        • Wind energy
                                                                          • Waste to energy other
                                                                            • Energy from wastewater
                                                                              • Bio-refineries for energy
                                                                                • Liquid biofuels
                                                                                  • Integrated waste-energy processes
                                                                                  • Rational use of energy
                                                                                    • Low, zero and plus energy rating
                                                                                      • Thermal insulation
                                                                                        • Lighting, illumination
                                                                                          • Energy management
                                                                                            • Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
                                                                                              • Heat pipes
                                                                                              • Other Energy Topics
                                                                                                • Combustion, Flames
                                                                                                  • Fuels and engine technologies
                                                                                                    • Micro- and Nanotechnology related to energy
                                                                                                    • Energy Efficiency
                                                                                                      • Carbon capture and energy
                                                                                                        • Biogas and anerobic digestion (AD)