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    Advantages of European Projects for Businesses

    What are European R&D projects bringing to companies? There are many benefits, the most important, from a company’s perspective being:

    • Capacity to rapidly build visibility & credibility in new areas. This is an essential strength for SMEs which, by definition, have limited resources. The extent of collaborations – with other SMEs, Industry, governmental and NGO organizations, as well as diverse research institutions – provides for fast and essential advancement on this ground.

    • Advance faster than the competition. Competitiveness is key to business success and R&D performance is an essential element in this regard. European R&D opportunities provide for a very constructive set-up, allowing businesses to work with the best-in-class research organizations.

    • Get customer experience & explore novel market segments & regions. By testing new technologies and applications in various countries, European projects provide for unprecedented opportunities to collect end-user feedback, providing a fertile ground for new product and service development.

    • Find new business partners & develop international networks for new products. The collaborations and practical experiences taking place in the course of European R&D projects, allow to meet an important number of potential business partners. This represents a true wealth of opportunities for future cooperation.  


    Additional added-value: direct financing
    • Many European R&D schemes bring direct cash for company’s R&D. This is, for instance, the case with Horizon projects, allowing to finance 70% or 100% of direct project costs.


    Incentive for Swiss SMEs in Horizon 2020

    • Every Swiss SME that contributes to a H2020 proposal for the first time, can claim an unbureaucratic payment of CHF 8000.- from the SERI (Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research & Innovation).
    • This sum gets paid even if the project doesn’t get funded (is not accepted by EC after evaluation). However, as the EU definition of an SME is different from the Swiss definition it is recommended to contact first More info and forms in German and French.

    Do you want to see examples of Swiss companies in European R&D projects? We invite you to browse through these testimonials and success stories.


    Do you wish to explore further the different R&D schemes and understand their potential value for your company? Then get in touch with your Regional Company Advisor.