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    Inclusive, Innovative & Reflective Societies

    Europe in a changing world

    The aim of this societal challenge is to contribute to an understanding of Europe's intellectual basis: its history and the many European and non-European influences, as an inspiration for our lives today.

    Europe is characterised by a variety of different peoples, traditions and national identities, as well as by different levels of economic and societal development. Migration and mobility, the media, industry and transport contribute to the diversity of views and lifestyles. This diversity and its opportunities should be recognised.

    European collections in libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other public institutions have a wealth of rich, untapped documentation and objects for study. These archival resources represent the history of individual Member States but also the collective heritage of a European Union that has emerged through time. Such materials should be made accessible, also through new technologies, to researchers and citizens to enable a look to the future through the archive of the past.

    The focus of activities will be to:

    • study European heritage, memory, identity, cultural interaction and translation, including its representations in cultural and scientific collections, archives and museums, to better inform the present by richer interpretations of the past
    • research the history, literature, art, philosophy and religions of European countries and regions, to determine how these have informed contemporary European diversity
    • research Europe's role in the world, the mutual influence and ties between the world's regions, and an outside view of European cultures.

    Key Information

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    Scientific Disciplines

    • Humanities
    • Social Sciences
    • Economics
    • Law

    Industrial Sectors

    • Social and Economic Concerns

    Main Target Audience

    • Universities / UAS
    • Research institutes
    • NGOs

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    Joël Graf

    National Contact Point (NCP):
    •Social Sciences and Humanities
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    Effingerstrasse 19
    3008 Bern
    Tel.:+41 31 380 60 08

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