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    Biotechnology in LEIT

    The specific objective here is to develop competitive, sustainable, safe and secure, and innovative industrial products and processes, and contribute as an innovation driver in a number of European sectors like:

    • Health
    • Chemical
    • Energy
    • Agriculture, Forestry and Food


    Topics on biotechnologies should support the European industry through the continued development of cutting-edge biotechnologies, new biotechnologies to address the global challenge of achieving greater environmental protection and breakthrough solutions to transform industrial processes using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods outcompeting conventional alternatives.


    Key Information

    Swiss eligibility:               Switzerland is fully associated to Horizon 2020 
    Horizon 2020 Funding:   Participant Portal
    Topic search:                   Find your topic
    Call descriptions, rules:   Work Programme (2016-2017)

    Scientific Disciplines

    • Food / Agricultural Sciences
    • Life Sciences
    • Biological Sciences

    Industrial Sectors

    • Fuel
    • Chemical
    • Food
    • Forestry

    Main Target Audience

    • Universities / UAS
    • Research institutes
    • Industry / SMEs
    • End-users

    Your Contact

    Photo of Gerhard  Gass

    Gerhard Gass

    National Contact Point (NCP):
    •SMEs & Access to Finance
    •Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Marine and Maritime Research and the Bio-economy

    Enterprise Europe Network EEN:
    •Advisor Agrofood
    Effingerstrasse 19
    3008 Bern
    Tel.:+41 31 380 60 15

    Open Calls

    Open Calls

    The Work Programme 2018-2020 is expected to be published at the end of the year. For preliminary information on the upcoming calls please contact us.

    Upcoming Events

    Date City Vacancies
    03 OCT
    Organiser: Luxinnovation / European Commission - Health
    04 OCT
    Organiser: Euresearch Lugano / Laboratory of Science communication, Università della Svizzera italiana
    05 OCT
    Organiser: Enterprise Europe Network