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    Research Infrastructures

    The objective of this programme is to ensure European researchers access to world-class research infrastructures. The European Commission considers not only major scientific equipment to be research infrastructure but also includes sets of instruments, knowledge-based resources such as archives, databases, etc. and enabling ICT infrastructures (e-Infrastructures) such as grids, computing, software and communication infrastructure. Support is given to existing as well as to new research infrastructures.

    The European approach to research infrastructures has made remarkable progress in recent years with the implementation of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap, integrating and opening national research facilities and developing e-infrastructures underpinning a digital European Research Area.

    The networks of research infrastructures across Europe strengthen its human capital base by providing world-class training for a new generation of researchers and engineers and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

    New: Have a look at the infographic from the European Commission about key facts on Research Infrastructures.

    Key Information

    Swiss eligibility:                      Switzerland is fully associated to Horizon 2020
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    List of topics for 2019-2020: All calls for "European research infrastructures" under Horizon 2020 are closed. New opportunities may be available under the Green Deal Call – see link in the “Related Links” box.
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    For information about the next Research and Innovation Framework Programme FP9 (2021-2027), please visit our Horizon Europe webpage.

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