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    Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)

    FET supports collaborative research in order to extend Europe’s capacity for advanced and paradigm-changing innovation. It shall foster scientific collaboration across disciplines on radically new, high-risk ideas and accelerate development of the most promising emerging areas of science and technology.

    FET consists of 3 complementary schemes:

    • FET Open
    • FET Proactive
    • FET Flagships

    • FET Open is a bottom-up scheme that explores novel and visionary ideas without pre-conceived boundaries or proposal deadlines. 
      Official FET Open Website 
    • FET Proactive is a top-down scheme that addresses research and technological innovation in selected themes defined in consultation with the research community.
      Official FET Proactive Website
    • FET Flagships are ambitious, large-scale, science-driven, multidisciplinary research initiatives with the potential to put Europe in the forefront of science and provide a basis for future technological innovation and economic exploitation.
      Official FET Flagships Website

    Key Information

    Swiss eligibility:                       Switzerland is fully associated to Horizon 2020 
    Horizon 2020 Funding:           Participant Portal
    Topic search:                           Find your topic
    List of topics for 2018-2020: Topic preview
    Types of projects, eligibility:   Factsheet

    Additional Information

    - FET Open proposals can be submitted at any time, three cut-off dates spread over two years (next 27 September 2017 with an overall budget of 84 MioEUR per cut-off).

    - FET Innovation Launchpad are small grants (100'000 EUR) supporting the transition from FET research results toward exploitation in the form of services or products (similar to ERC Proof of Concept). Two deadlines are foreseen: next 27 September 2017.

    - FET Proactive funds research activities in defined areas. No deadline open yet, next foreseen in 2018. See the FET proactive public consultation for possible next areas and its outcome.

    - FET High Performance Computing (HPC) implements the Strategic Research Agenda defined in ETP4HPC. The call is now open with deadlines in 2016 and 2017

    - new FET Flagships calls may be launched at the end of H2020. FET Flagships that are already running ("Human Brain" and "Graphene") will call for new partners during H2020.
    A public consultation has been launched in spring 2016 and a call for preparatory actions for the future flagship is expected in the FET Work programme 2018-20.

    Work Programme: Download the topic preview while the full call descriptions, call deadlines and rules, are in the FET Work Programme 2016-2017.
    H2020 reference documents: for all official documents, go to the H2020 Online Manual.

    Open Access and Data Management: The projects funded under the Future and Emerging Technologies participate in the Pilot on Open Research Data in Horizon 2020 in line with the Commission's Open Access to research data policy for facilitating access, re-use and preservation of research data.

    Communication in H2020 Projects: The FET-Open Information Day on July 6 2015 dedicated a session on communication within H2020 by Alexandra Ruete (European Commission, DG RTD): video recording and slides

    Self Evaluation Forms:
    Use the self evaluation forms to see how you will be evaluated by the referees.
    Self evaluation form for FET-Open for 2014-15 Call: link
    Self Evaluation Form 2016-17 not available yet

    What has been funded in H2020 under the FET Programme:


    What has been funded before H2020 under the FET Programme:
    - FP7 FET Projects Compendium; the FET Project Portfolio
    - Browse the Cordis repository

    10 Minutes Introduction to FET-Open and FET-Proactive 2016-17

    10 minutes video presentation of the 2016-17 Work Programme for FET-Open and FET-Proactive. Extracted from the general "Excellence Science" webinar from December 7 2015 available on Euresearch's YouTube channel.


    Introduction to the Quantum FET Flagship

    15 min. webinar on the new Quantum FET Flagship. Preleminary details can be found in draft of the FET work programme 2018-2020

    Past FET Information Events

    FET Innovation Launchpad Information Day (20 Apr. 2016)

    The FET Innovation Launchpad has been presented at the Information Day on April 20 2016. The full webstream is available here.

    • Timestamp 00:05:40: Understanding the FET Innovation Launch pad Spirit by Walter VAN DE VELDE
    • Timestamp 00:25:14: FET-Innovation Launchpad+ Q&A FETOPEN by Raquel FERNANDEZ-HORCAJADA
    • Timestamp 01:13:38: Support from the NCPs+ Q&As by Iraklis AGIOVLASITIS
    • Timestamp 01:45:00: Validation of applicants by Nicolo GIACOMUZZI-MOORE
    • Timestamp 02:08:00: ERC Proof of Concept scheme: experience to date and some results by Laura PONTIGGIA

    FET-Open and Proactive Information Day (25 Jan. 2016)

    The FET-Open and Proactive work programme has been presented at the EC's Information Day and the full webstream is available here: Scroll to the time stamps below to view the individual content of the day.

    • Timestamp 00:05:38: Understanding the FET Spirit by Walter VAN DE VELDE
      Because of the poor audio quality, a Replay Video is available
    • Timestamp 00:45:00: FETOPEN-01-2016 RIA by Antonio LOREDAN
    • Timestamp 01:29:30: FETOPEN-02-2016 CSA by Konstantinos AMOLOCHITIS
    • Timestamp 02:17:30: FETPROACT-01-2016: FET Proactive: emerging themes and communities by Ivica CUBIC
    • Timestamp 04:49:45: Open Access by Celina RAMJOUE
    • Timestamp 05:08:00: Ethics by Petra REITER
    • Timestamp 05:23:00: NCPs support and Ideal-Ist services by Francesco Kienzle,
    • Timestamp 05:28:00: FET-Open successful proposal experience sharing by Aurelio MATEO-ALONSO,
    • Timestamp 06:16:00:Networking session: FET-OPEN and PROACTIVE presentations

    FET at the ICT2015 Event (Lisbon Oct. 2015)

    The FET work programme 2016-17 has been presented at the ICT2015 Event in Lisbon on October 2015.

    High Performance Computing has been presented in a separate session

    FET-Open Info Day July 6 2015

    The European commission organised an Information Day on FET-Open on July 6.

    All the presentations and video recording are available online: video recording and presentations

    Your Contact

    Photo of Francesco  Kienzle

    Francesco Kienzle

    National Contact Point (NCP):
    • Future & Emerging Technologies
    • Information & Communication Technologies
    • Space (ad interim)
    Effingerstrasse 19
    3008 Bern
    Tel.:+41 31 380 60 07

    Open Calls

    Open Calls

    Upcoming Events

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