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    Locus Ludi – The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity

    “The most important thing is to profoundly believe in your own project because it comes from your own scientific path”
    Dr Véronique Dasen

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    PERDY – Screen Technology to Mimic the Eye

    “We want to figure out what we need to show the human eye and what we don’t, and only produce the content our eyes can appreciate"
    Piotr Didyk

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    CrysFact - ERC Grant for a Technology Toolbox for Crystal Engineering

    "[The ERC Starting Grant] offers me not only the possibility to establish a research group but also to push my research forward faster"
    Dr Josep Puigmartí-Luis

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    MEMO SLEEP - Long-Term Funding to Understand Sleep from a Psychological Perspective

    "The ERC Starting Grant gives me the unique opportunity to look at this topic from a fundamental perspective"
    Prof. Björn Rasch

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    Katja Wirth

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    European Research Council (ERC)
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