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    Rising traffic demand, congestion, security of energy supply, and climate change are some of the major issues that the European Union and the wider world are facing. Tackling these challenges will call for the railway sector to take on a larger share of transport demand in the next decade.

    The Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail was established in July 2014 to foster the introduction of better trains to the market, which will operate on an innovative rail network infrastructure, reliably, at a lower life-cycle cost, with more capacity.

    Three key targets:

    • Cutting the life-cycle cost of railway transport by as much as 50%
    • Doubling railway capacity
    • Increasing reliability and punctuality by as much as 50%

    Shift2Rail will impact all segments of the rail market: high speed/main line, regional, urban/metro and suburban, and freight; it will also make daily life easier for millions of European passengers and rail freight users.

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