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    The 7th Call for Transnational Access to IPERION CH Laboratories is Now Open

    Published on 04 July 2018
    Author: Nicole Wyss, National Contact Point Research Infrastructures

    The Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Culture Heritage (IPERION CH) launches a new call for proposals to gain access to the three advanced transnational platforms ARCHLAB, FIXLAB and MOLAB.

    European researchers can submit scientific proposals to have free access to cutting-edge laboratories of the three platforms:

    • ARCHLAB, scientific archives in 10 European museums and conservation institutes
    • FIXLAB, large-scale facilities for synchrotron, neutron, and ion beam measurements
    • MOLAB, mobile laboratories performing non invasive on-site measurements

    Deadlines are different for each platforms.
    More information
    on platforms and calls.