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    Thales Alenia Space is looking for SMEs and academic institutions

    Published on 11 December 2013

    experienced in innovative & marketable GNSS applications

    In the frame of H2020 Thales Alenia Space is looking for SMEs and academic institutions which are experienced in innovative and marketable GNSS applications, possibly addressing niche markets.

    For what concerns the H2020 call related to EGNSS application development, we consider that the development of applications is determined by the following factors:

    • a combination of a manifold of technologies (GNSS hybridization with other sensors: INS, vision, RF opportunity signals...)
    • GNSS robustness in harsh environments (multipath, masking, interferences…)
    • a continuous participation to standardization activities.

    All these technologies need at some point to be assembled in end-to-end test beds, to validate the concept, the technologies and proceed to architecture development. 

    Thales Alenia Space believes that such a test bed concept would allow to gather together all the different actors of the value chain : chip set and terminal manufacturers, Large system integrator, applications developer, mobile phone operators etc. Thales Alenia Space wishes to initiate this kind of project in the frame of the H2020 call on EGNSS applications. 

    Thales Alenia Space has a long-term experience as prime contractor for EGNOS and Galileo GMS. Moreover they have been participating in a large number of European R&D and standardization projects (e.g. SUNRISE, SALSA, SAGITER, Himalaya, eHimalaya, Liason, GAMMA-A, FI-WARE, Progress, MISW)

    Thales Alenia Space is also active in LBS products ( A-GNSS servers operational at Telco’s since 2005), and in transport applications (French Road User Charging system Ecotaxe,…) and they could support the R&D activities also using a set of TAS-Navigation Tools:


    • TNT-NAVYS –GNSS constellation simulator- to simulate existing & new ranging radiofrequency signals
    • TNT-GEMS – GNSS software receiver to acquire and process ranging signals
    • BEADY – Miniature railway test bed for road transport  applications field trials

    SMEs and academic institutions which are interested in cooperation can contact 


    Divna Vračević, Sales Manager
    Thales Alenia Space – France, BL Observation Exploration & Navigation 

    +33 (0)5 34 35 45 05