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    Search SME active in Silicon Photonics or Optic Communication

    Published on 13 April 2016
    Author: Emile Dupont, Enterprise Europe Network

    A German university urgently needs a high tech SME experienced in silicon photonics or optical communication for a proposal in Future Emerging Technologies, H2020 FET-OPEN-01-2016-2017 with deadline 11 May.

    A German university is setting up a consortium for the FET OPEN call (H2020 FET-OPEN-01-2016-2017 RIA) and urgently (call deadline May 11) needs an SME partner for one or more of the following tasks within the consortium:

    • fabrication of silicon-on-onsulator (SOI) waveguide
    • user of electrically pumped nanoscopic light sources on a silicon chip
    • assess the technological potential of nanoscopic light  sources coupled to SOI waveguides
    • contribute to testing and commercialisation.

    For further information, contact Emile Dupont (

    Switzerland is considered as an Associated Country for FET and efforts is covered to 100%