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    Register to the Recently Launched European Artificial Intelligence (AI) Alliance

    Published on 17 June 2018
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, National Contact Point ICT

    European Commission launches the European AI Alliance steered by the High Level Group on AI.

    You can now officially join the European AI Alliance - a forum engaged in a broad and open discussion of all aspects of Artificial Intelligence development and its impacts.

    Why join the AI Alliance?

    Members of the European AI Alliance can interact with the experts of the High Level Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLG), established by the European Commission, in a forum-style setting. By signing up to the alliance, members will find a dedicated platform where they can offer input and feedback to the AI HLG. The AI HLG will be able to draw on this input when preparing its draft AI Ethics Guidelines and completing its other work. Moreover, the discussions hosted on the platform will directly contribute to the European debate on AI, and will feed in to the European Commission's policy-making in this area.

    The platform is open to any expert in the field and is free.

    Learn more on how to join!