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    Pre-Publication of the 2019 Health Work Programme Update

    Published on 09 July 2018
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, National Contact Point Health

    The official publication of the work programme is scheduled for mid-July

    The European Commission has recently published a "pre-publication version" of the 2019 work programme update for the societal challenge "Health, demographic change and wellbeing".

    The update encompasses a revised version of the topic SC1-BHC-01-2019 (understanding causative mechanisms in co- and multimorbidities) together with the inclusion of five new topics in the work programme:

    • SC1-BHC-30-2019: Towards risk-based screening strategies
    • SC1-BHC-31-2019: Pilot actions to build the foundations of a human cell atlas
    • SC1-BHC-32-2019: Towards a next generation influenza vaccine to protect citizens worldwide – an EU-India collaboration
    • SC1-HCO-15-2019: Support for the functioning of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R)
    • Other actions: InnovFin Infectious Diseases (InnovFin ID) 

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