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    Partner Offer for Transport Topic MG-3.6a-2015

    Published on 16 March 2015
    Author: Nicole Wyss, National Contact Point Transport

    An innovative UK company would be interested in joining a mature team creating a proposal for the topic MG-3.6a-2015 safe and connected automation in road transport.

    Omnia (CS) has been a leader in the composite panel market for over 10 years, offering the first 100% recyclable lightweight thermoplastic panel. It is our philosophy to continue sourcing new, improved and innovative technologies to offer the highest level of sustainable products that deliver both operational and environmental benefits to our customers. Omnia invests in intellectual property and as a result has a number of granted patents.

    Recently Omnia has focused its research and development efforts in two areas:

    • Area 1: Advanced structural composites incorporating smart functionality.

    On completion of development these hybrid supporting systems are intented to pre-empt or compensate for human error.

    • Area 2: Advanced structural composites incorporating kinetic energy recovery.

    Increased operational efficiency and economy through the recovery of kinetic energy from freight services and road trains.

    Please contact Jonathan Richards on +44 7802 461107 for further information or an informal preliminary discussion.

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