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    Partner Search for Several Health, Demographic Change and wellbeing Topics

    Published on 18 February 2014
    Author: Marlen Damjanovic, National Contact Point Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing

    The Lithuanian SME BIOTECHPHARMA would like to join consortia

    BIOTECHPHARMA is Lithuanian SME that is interested participating in consortia preparing proposals for the following topics in the Horizon 2020 challenge health demographic change, and wellbeing:

    • PHC-32-2014: Advancing bioinformatics to meet biomedical and clinical  needs;
    • PHC 12-2015: Clinical validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices;
    • PHC 01-2014: Understanding health, ageing and disease: determinants, risk factors and pathways;
    • PHC 13-2014: New therapies for chronic non-communicable diseases;
    • PHC 14-2015: New therapies for rare diseases;
    • PHC 16-2015: Tools and technologies for advanced therapies;
    • PHC 15-2015: Clinical research on regenerative medicine.

    The SMEs expertise lies in GMP manufacturing. BIOTECHPHARMA develops pharmaceutical molecules from gene to finished drug products. 

    If you are interested, please contact Edvinas Vosylius via

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