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    Partner Search for Horizon 2020 Topic NMBP-05-2017

    Published on 13 September 2016
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, National Contact Point for NMBP

    Sought: Smart furniture manufacturers, academic partners, design consulting firms and IT experts for development and demonstration.

    A Greek research centre is preparing a project proposal for Horizon 2020 Topic NMPB-05-2017: Advanced materials and innovative design for improved functionality and aesthetics in high added value consumer goods.

    The project aims at the creation of a smart surface material platform for designers who are interested in entering the Internet of Things (IoT) era based on latest nanoinks printing and laser processing developments. This project will enable a new alternative for sensor integration for internet connected products by printing sensors (sensor primitives) for Internet of Things devices over their surfaces.

    The team is seeking for partners in the area of product design, IT consultants with expertise in developing solutions and integrating systems for Internet of Things applications, and SMEs active in several fields. For more details see here.

    Deadline for the expression of interest is 10 October 2016. For more information please contact Emile Dupont.