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    Partner Search for Health Topic PHC-30-2015

    Published on 02 March 2015
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, NCP Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing

    New decision support system for personalised clinical oncology

    An Italian SME, leader in pharmacogenetics, is developing a proposal for the call H2020-PHC-30.

    The proposal aims to develop a new decision support system based on the integration of heterogeneous data sources and software models to be used for personalised clinical oncology.

    The team is looking for additional partners (SMEs and Universities) from EU countries experts in the following topics:
    1. Regulatory knowledge and experience in the field of CE IVD ("In Vitro
        Diagnostic") certification for systems, software included
    2. Biostatistics
    3. Clinical data in oncology

    More Information

    Deadline for partner requests: 20 March 2015
    Call deadline: 21 April 2015