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    Partner search for health, demographic change, and wellbeing topics PCH 1, PHC 2, PHC 5, PHC 10, and PHC 22

    Published on 06 February 2014
    Author: Marlen Damjanovic

    The University College Cork, Ireland is interested in getting involved in consortia for Horizon 2020 health, demographic change and wellbeing

    The University College Cork, Ireland is looking for consortia participating in the following topics within the Work Programme 2014-2015 health, demographic change and wellbeing:

    • PHC1-2014: Understanding health, ageing and disease: determinants, risk factors and pathways
    • PHC2-2015: Understanding diseases: systems medicine
    • PHC5-2014: Health promotion and disease prevention: translating ‘omics’ into stratified approaches
    • PHC10-2014: Development of new diagnostic tools and technologies: in vitro devices, assays and platforms
    • PHC22-2015: Promoting mental wellbeing in the ageing population

    Their expertise is in Gut microbiota and links to health and disease, Gastrointestinal disease such as IBD/Crohn’s /Ulcerative Colitis, Commensal bacteria culturing and characterisation, Metagenomics and Next generation sequencing, Infection and novel anti-microbials such as bacteriophage, Bioinformatics, Gut-brain-microbiota axis and neurological stress disorders

    If you are interested, please contact Kay Duggan-Walls at

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