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    Partner Offer for Horizon 2020 Health Topics

    Published on 21 April 2016
    Author: Marlen Damjanovic, National Contact Point Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing

    A Polish company is looking for a coordinator in Horizon 2020 Health Topics.

    A Polish company is looking for a coordinator/s that submit/s proposals to the following Horizon 2020 Health topics:

    • SC1-PM-07-2017: Promoting Mental Health and Well
    • SC1-PM-03-2017: Diagnostic Characterization of Rare Diseases
    • SC1-PM-15-2017: Personalised Coaching for Well-Being and Care of People as they age

    The Polish company is a small pharmacy, which sells, buys and produces drugs and provides medical advices. The company promotes health style of life for young and older people. Its activity will be diversified by organising medical diagnostics and research centre. The company is going to use the modest technology equipment for research on genome sequences for fast detection of cancer cells and diagnosing immune disease sequences. It is going to use new methods for the examination of cardiovascular systems in order to prevent cardiovascular incidents. The goal of the company is to work for the development of personalised medicine and participation in establishing of European personalised medicine platform.

    If you are interested, please contact Marlen Damjanovic.