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    Partner Offer for Horizon 2020 Health Topics

    Published on 24 January 2017
    Author: Sasha Hugentobler, National Contact Point Health, Demoraphic Change & Wellbeing

    A Spanish Public Insitute offers its expertise to become partner of a consortium preparing a proposal for Horizon 2020 Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing.

    Polibienestar is part of the University of Valencia (Spain) and has vast experience in cooperating with public administration and private institutions promoting health, lifelong learning, and quality of life through the design and assessment of policies, programmes and interventions, in developing EU-funded projects and has received financing of national and international entities (Innovation, Education, and Welfare Ministries, Valencian Government, UNESCO Chairs, EU Structural Funds).

    Polibienestar's  expertise could be of interest for supporting activities related to the following open calls:

    • SC1-PM-15-2017: Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age;
    • SC1-PM-17–2017: Personalised computer models and in-silico systems for well-being;
    • SC1-HCO-07–2017: Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD).

    If you are interested, please contact

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