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    Partner Search for Spectroscopic Water Contamination Detection System

    Published on 05 February 2016
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point ICT

    IBM Research (Haifa) is submitting to topic ICT-29-2016: Photonics KET a spectroscpic water contaminant detection system and need partners for microfluidic, system integration (packaging, optical engineering, data acquisition and processing) and end-users.

    IBM Research (Haifa) is preparing a proposal to ICT-29-2016: Photonics KET 2016 aiming at developing a spectroscopic water contamination detection system.

    They are searching for:

    • End User: fresh water in the EU (authority, aqueduct) and/or a well known supplier of sensors and water relatedp technologies should provide the requirements and final evaluation, project coordination

    • System integrator: Packaging, Optical system engineering, Data acquisition, processing algorithms

    • Microfluidic designer: Microchannel design and fabrication, sensor-channel integration

    Further Information and Submission on the Ideal-Ist Partner Search Platform