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    NMBP NCP Marion Tobler Leaves Euresearch

    Published on 20 August 2015
    Author: Marion Tobler

    Over seven years I had the pleasure to work with you on European projects in NMBP. It was fascinating to watch all these brilliant ideas coming to a project and eventually being funded. It is my pleasure now to introduce my successor.

    For me it is time to say goodbye to Euresearch: I officially retired on 17 August 2015. I would like to thank you for the trust you gave me and for sharing your precious projects with me.

    From now on Dr. Cornelia Spycher, new NCP NMBP, will take care of all your questions concerning nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology and industrial production.

    Some of you may want to keep in touch with me. I will continue to work for European projects "on the other side of the fence" as consultant in my own company (founded in 2002). You can contact me via

    With my best wishes and kind regards,
    Marion Tobler