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    New FCH2 Call for Proposals Published

    Published on 19 January 2016
    Author: Stefan Fischer, National Contact Point Energy

    Call H2020-JTI-FCH-2016-1, Total Budget 117.5 million, Deadline for Proposals 3 May 2016.

    The Annual Work Plan 2016 for the FCH 2 JU with the calls H2020-JTI-FCH-2016-1 has been published on 19 January 2016. The total budget is EUR 117.5 million and the deadline for proposals is 3 May 2016.

    The topics cover different areas of research and innovation for each of the Transport and Energy pillars, as well as Cross-Cutting activities. A total of 24 topics is part of the call for proposals, including 10 for Transport, 11 for Energy, 2 for Cross-Cutting and 1 Overarching. They are grouped into 7 Innovation Actions (IA), 15 Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and 2 Coordination and Support Actions (CSA).

    The Calls for Proposals will be subject to independent evaluation and will follow the H2020 rules on calls for proposals.

    The topic details are available on the Participant Portal.

    The list of call topics can be also found in the document "FUEL CELLS and HYDROGEN 2 JOINT UNDERTAKING (FCH 2 JU), 2016 ANNUAL WORK PLAN and BUDGET", available as PDF document on the FCH JU web site.