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    Horizon 2020 Partner Search for ICT Electronic Smart Systems (ESS)

    Published on 19 February 2018
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, National Contact Point ICT

    Israeli based GARD Ltd SME is looking for partners for a project proposal for ICT-07-2018 topic.

    Proposal Outline: The Consortium will develop and validate a new generation of cost effective miniature IoT sensors and technological platform that will enable personal emotions estimation and health monitoring. The SESEM platform will be able to integrate different technologies across multiple fields including multimodal sensing, advanced processing, secure wireless communication to the back end for storage and big data analysis capability.

    The SESEM platform will enable API based access to advanced sensing, processing and analysis abilities for use of SMEs or academia for future simulations and new applications.

    The project will develop improved sensing modules including cost effective miniaturisation, improved manufacturing process and leading to high performance in specificity/sensitivity, reliability, time to results and manufacturability. The SESEM platform will use modular approaches enabling integration of standard and new components and interfaces. The development will improve issues like portability, wearability, biocompatibility, operation in remote and low power consumption for sensing modules.

    User needs, market oportunities and business cases will be analyzed and addressed in the proposal. Issues related to security, safety, privacy, standardisation, interoperability, certification, life cycle, regulation compliance and ethics will be considered.

    The project will demonstrate innovative, useful, market driven, sustainable smart system platform prototype/s that will be useful for professionals and the future end users.

    Beyond state of the art advances in device technology (emotions sensing/monitoring) and related manufacturing will be demonstrated by 3 case studies in 3 different countries.

    The consortium includes partners from Italy, Greece, Spain and Israel.

    More information on partner profile sought