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    FET-Proactive Topic Implantable Autonomous Devices and Materials

    Published on 17 April 2019
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point Future Emerging Technologies

    Want to explore and consolidate a new technological direction? The Horizon 2020 FETPROACT-EIC-05-2019 call "Boosting emerging technologies" is now open for submission until 3 September 2019.

    Radically new biomedical technologies that will lead to enhanced life quality for people are urgently needed, particularly for mitigating the impact of chronic health conditions that are placing a rapidly growing and ultimately unsustainable burden on healthcare systems.

    A key goal will be to demonstrate dramatically extended functional lifetimes of implantable devices, for example, through incorporation of smart sensing, self-awareness, adaptation (form and/or function) and self-repair capabilities. Included are mobile micro/nano devices based on biological models that can perform advanced functions e.g. site specific automigration, ability to distinguish tissue types (diseased, normal) and perform highly localised actions (e.g., delivery of therapeutic agents).

    Entities incorporating (bio)materials that provide instances of totally autonomous biomimetic behaviour and in-situ integration and adaptation are particularly welcome, such as an ability to blend-in with the native biological environment, to independently generate power, synthesise active agents or sense and respond to changes in the local molecular environment. Work on ethical implications should be included.

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