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    Funding Available: Towards a Next Generation Influenza Vaccine to Protect Citizens Worldwide

    Published on 13 August 2018
    Author: Sasha Hugentobler, National Contact Point Health

    A European-Indian collaboration is sought to develop next generation influenza vaccines with 6-10 million Euro per project available.

    The recently launched Health Horizon call 2019 will provide between 6-10 million Euro for a research project on a next generation influenza vaccine to protect citizens worldwide. This will be an EU-India collaboration, as in recent years, significant progress has been made by teams in India and Europe on influenza vaccination. To build on this shared recognition of the importance of influenza, as well as significant expertise available in both regions, a renewed effort by India and Europe towards the development of a next generation influenza vaccine is needed.

    Improved influenza vaccines would simultaneously ease a significant global health burden, and help the international community to better prepare in the event of an influenza pandemic.The burden of seasonal influenza, and the ever-present threat of a new influenza pandemic, is a high priority for both Europe and India. 

    Proposals are expected to advance the next generation influenza vaccine candidate(s) with improved efficacy and safety, duration of immunity, and reactivity against an increased breadth of influenza strains.

    The approach taken should include validation of one or more candidate vaccine(s) in a human challenge model  of influenza, and/or work to improve the influenza human challenge model itself. Due to the specific challenge of this topic, in addition to the minimum number of participants set out in the General Annexes, proposals shall include at least three participants from India.

    For more information: Euresearch open calls and Health call on the Participant Portal