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    Eurostars Partner Search: Clinical Trials Stress Management/Detection Platform

    Published on 07 March 2017
    Author: Nicolas Lentze, Innovation & Technology Consultant

    A Danish company has developed a stress management/detection platform and is seeking partners for a Eurostars proposal. The partner sought is a testing/research partner (hospital or organisation conducting clinical trials on regular basis). Task of the partner is to cooperate for clinical trials/research for conducting tests on at least 25 patient groups either from diabetes, cardiovascular or from psychology (chronic stress/depression).


    • Untreated stress leads to many other diseases, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, diabetes, heart disease including cancer.
    • Denmark spends 14 billion DKK a year in the form of absenteeism, premature deaths and health service cost. The total cost of healthcare for work-related stress is calculated to be approximately 855 million DKK each year.
    • Cost of work-related stress in the EU countries is 20 billion Euro/year (EU Commission).
    • 100 million Americans suffer from stress costing 125 billion USD/year.
    • With existing solutions, the customer does not have a timely diagnosis, which leads to chronic stress or depression.


    • The technology of the Danish company is the only product, which diagnoses all the elements of stress. Scandu, Stress Easer, ULLcare etc. diagnose certain elements of stress. The product of the Danish company diagnoses all the stress elements and offers “treatment solution”.
    • It is “user friendly” and can be measured by sensors like watches, HR chest straps etc. The biomarker for stress is HRV, which is the core parameter for our solution. Both the user and hospitals/clinics can monitor at the same time.
    • The solution would prevent person going into chronic stress or depression situation, which will save lot of health care costs.
    • The technology provides immediate solutions to stress like music, breathing exercises and meditation etc.

    Current Status:

    The device has got CE Class I “medical device” certificate, pilot tests have been carried out at 2 clinics in Denmark, one hospital (Herlev hospital) in Denmark testing the device.

    Development & Testing:

    • Major MVP development phase ended in September 2016.
    • The company will be updating and developing continuously in future and looking for clinical trials conducted at various places in Europe.

    Seeking EU Partners:

    • Testing/research partner that could be a hospital or organisation conducting clinical trials on regular basis and would like to partner with the company for its clinical trials/research for conducting tests on at least 25 patient group either from diabetes or cardiovascular or from psychology (chronic stress/depression) patient target group.
    • They are looking for developing our solution further based on target group feedback and clinical results for a duration of a 18-24 months.
    • Project could be divided in 2 parts where first part could run for 6 months on one target group and next part should run for 18 months for bigger target group or more than one target group.
    • There is scope of partner for R&D, who has strength in cardio vascular diseases, as the solution is based on heart rate sensor or ECG sensors. The partner should have lot of data from heart patients.

    For the initiation of the contact please contact Nicolas Lentze.