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    EASI-Genomics Opens First Call for Transnational Access

    Published on 28 March 2019
    Author: Nicole Wyss, National Contact Point Research Infrastructures

    This genomics research infrastructure project provides access to cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies and data analysis in its 11 participating facilities in Europe. Deadline for project submission is 25 April 2019.

    EASI-Genomics invites external users to apply for Transnational Access by opening this first Call for Proposals. Eligible proposals will be evaluated for scientific quality, feasibility and impact. Proposals will be handled confidentially.

    EASI-Genomics recommends external users to contact the facilities offering the services of interest in order to discuss the feasibility of the submitted project prior to the submission of proposal.

    Interested users can submit proposals until 25 April 2019, 20:00 CET.

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