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    DARIAH Calls for Humanities and the Arts

    Published on 18 August 2020
    Author: Joël Graf, National Contact Point SSH

    The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) has launched two calls on "Arts Exchanges" and "Arts, Humanities and COVID-19".

    The calls have been launched within the DARIAH Theme, a bi-annual area of focus for investment by the DARIAH Board of Directors. Deadline for submission is 18 September 2020.

    Theme 1: DARIAH Arts Exchanges
    This call aims at exploring new ways of bringing artists into DARIAH’s day-to-day activities. Unexpected conversations about infrastructure and research will be fostered and openness to artistic methods and innovation promoted.

    Theme 2: Arts, Humanities and COVID-19
    This call seeks specific responses to the pandemic with the engagement of arts and humanities sources, approaches and insight. 

    Swiss institutions that are cooperating partners of DARIAH are fully eligible to submit proposals under this funding line. Other Swiss entities may participate in cooperation with DARIAH members/cooperating partners.

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