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    Prize Using Blockchains for Social Good

    Published on 18 April 2019
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point ICT

    5 prizes of EUR 1 million each will be awarded to innovators that use Blockchain technology to develop decentralised solutions bringing about positive social change. Deadline is 3 September 2019.

    The European Commission has launched a new Horizon Prize: "Blockchains for Social Good". 5 prizes of EUR 1 million each will be awarded to develop scalable, efficient and high-impact decentralised solutions to social innovation challenges leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs), such as the one used in blockchains.

    Who: This challenge is targeted at a wide range of actors: individuals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, research centres from technological and social disciplines, creative industries, students, hackers, start-ups and SMEs. Tackling this challenge requires multidisciplinary expertise.

    Deadline to submit applications is 3 September 2019.

    N.B: The deadline for registration of interest was 2 April 2019 but is not compulsory.

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