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    We Inform, We Advise, We Connect

    We Inform

    Euresearch provides you with an overview of the European research and innovation programmes and information. We help you find the most appropriate funding scheme or partner search tool for you and your institution and company.

    We Advise

    Euresearch advises you on how to proceed with your proposal application according to your programme selection. We advise you on project and cooperation support. We can also give you feedback on your proposal before you submit it to the European Commission thanks to our pre-screening service. If your project is accepted - we have no influence and cannot help during the evaluation phase - we will then support you with the negotiation and management of your project.

    We Connect

    To collaborate in research and innovation in Europe, having the right partners on board is crucial. You will need partners to build up the best consortium possible in order to maximise your chances of getting funded but also once the project is finished in order to use the innovation technologies. What about partners to solve technology and know-how problems? This is also a service offered by the Enterprise Europe Network.