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    About Euresearch

    Euresearch is the Swiss network mandated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation providing targeted information, hands-on advice and transnational partnering related to European research and innovation programmes. The network is composed of a Network Office in Bern and Regional Offices in each University and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

    Network Office

    Your National Contact Points

    The Network Office comprises all the National Contact Points (NCPs), who specialise in the various domains of the European Research and Innovation programmes and are familiar with the corresponding European networks. They are ready to answer all your related questions.

    Regional Offices

    Your Regional Contact Points

    The employees of the Regional Offices and Contact Points are familiar with the funding opportunities of European programmes such as Horizon 2020 and others, and the specifics of their own institution. They are happy to answer questions and support you through all the stages of a European project, whether you work in academia or in industry.

    Contact Points at Universities of Applied Sciences

    Your Contact Points for UAS and SME services

    To increase the participation of researchers based at the UAS and of SMEs in Horizon 2020 and related programmes, Euresearch has created specific services and support structures. These UAS and SME Contact Points have the task to lay the structural foundations for the successful engagement of UAS and SME participants on a European level. For concrete questions regarding the writing and submitting of Horizon 2020 projects, UAS and SME researchers should still contact their respective Regional Office.


    Euresearch Association

    Partner - SwissCore



    Your Contact

    Euresearch Secretariat
    Effingerstrasse 19, 3008 Berne
    T +41 31 380 60 00

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    29 AUG
    Organiser: Euresearch Head Office / V.Sordet