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    Success Stories

    SUPERTWIN - Seeing Beyond the Limits of Classical Optics

    SUPERTWIN is a 3-year Horizon 2020 project that aims to build the world’s first quantum microscope able to make precision images of samples that are currently impossible to capture. This new technology will open the way for compact, portable, super-resolution microscope systems.

    “Thanks to Euresearch, we got specific advice on how to improve our proposal”, Dmitri Boiko, CSEM

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    SCISSOR – Projects that Fit your Company’s Roadmap

    For the company SixSq Sàrl, based in Geneva, participation in the Horizon 2020 ICT & Cybersecurity SCISSOR consortium is a great opportunity to develop and disseminate its own edge-computing products.

    “We basically fund our R&D by participating in European projects”, Dr Charles Loomis, SixSq Sàrl

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    Bonseyes - Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence

    The Horizon 2020 project “Bonseyes” aims to get over the wall using the new power of edge computing and by leveraging Europe’s leadership in embedded systems.

    “Euresearch guided us, explaining how proposals should be written and how to achieve the right composition of partners in the consortium”, Tim Llewellynn, nViso SA

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    Success Stories under one cover

    The FP7 Success Stories are under one cover. The Success
    Stories brochure provides an overview on the Success Stories from Swiss participation in the 7th Framework Programme between 2007 and 2013. They are classified according to the 3 key objectives of
    the new European Framework Programme for Research and
    Innovation – Horizon 2020.

    Take a look at Switzerland’s extensive and active participation
    in FP7. It is one big success story!


    Success Stories Horizon 2020 (2014 - 2020)

    Success Stories Excellent Science, Horizon 2020

    TARGETCARE - Extending Expertise and an International Network

    "Every European research project is innovative and cutting-edge, and it is very satisfying to be actively involved in the progress of highly relevant fields"
    Dr Sybille Grad

    Success Story

    μ-CrysFact - ERC Grant for a Technology Toolbox for Crystal Engineering

    "[The ERC Starting Grant] offers me not only the possibility to establish a research group but also to push my research forward faster"
    Dr Josep Puigmartí-Luis

    Success Story

    SUPERTWIN - Seeing Beyond the Limits of Classical Optics

    “Thanks to Euresearch, we got specific advice on how to improve our proposal”
    Dr Dmitri Boiko

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    EUROCIRCOL - Superconducting Wires for the Next-Generation Hadron Collider

    "Working closely with CERN gives us the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects"
    Prof. Carmine Senatore

    Success Story

    PlatMatSu – A Training Network to Develop Synthetic Materials Inspired from Plants

    “The EU funding allows us to train highly skilled interdisciplinary scientists, beyond what an ordinary PhD would provide”
    Prof. Nico Bruns

    Success Story

    OpenRiskNet - A Global Harmonised Basis For Testing Chemical Safety

    “With a common language, data for risk and safety assessment from all over the world can be combined”
    Dr Barry Hardy

    Success Story
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    Success Stories Industrial Leadership, Horizon 2020

    EGSIEM - Knowing your Partners is Decisive for Success

    "These projects are a great opportunity for young postdoc and PhD students, not only to perform their research but also to have regular exchange with other partners and gain first-hand experience with organisational details"
    Prof. Adrian Jäggi

    Success Story

    MACIVIVA - Better Vaccines for the Future

    "Building a consortium of different-sized EU companies brought us diversification and complementary expertise"
    Dr Sylvain Fleury

    Success Story

    SCISSOR – Projects that Fit your Company’s Roadmap

    “We basically fund our R&D by participating in European projects”
    Dr Charles Loomis

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    PERFoRM - Funding to Increase R&D Capacity to Optimise Production Control Systems

    "Participating in international projects has a positive cultural impact and opens new perspectives to new opportunities for our products and services"
    Martin Frauenfelder

    Success Story

    ICT-STREAMS - Connecting the Internet through Photonics

    "vario-optics is one of the only companies in the world able to produce the required polymer waveguides"
    Dr Felix Betschon

    Success Story

    Bonseyes - Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence

    “Euresearch guided us, explaining how proposals should be written and how to achieve the right composition of partners in the consortium”
    Tim Llewellynn

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    Success Stories Societal Challenges, Horizon 2020

    EBOLAVAC - Fast Response to Develop a Vaccine against Ebola

    “Euresearch’s ability to mobilise support on short notice, as well as their knowledge of procedures, framing and terminology is indispensable”
    Prof. Blaise Genton

    Success Story

    BIO-CHIP - Taking the Lead to Treat Knee Cartilage with Engineered Grafts

    "By receiving input from different perspectives, we were better able to address the proposed goals and develop new ideas for future projects"
    Prof. Ivan Martin

    Success Story

    MPC-GT - How you will Heat your Home in 2021

    "Our consortium aims to improve the system efficiencies and real market uptake of hybrid MPC GEOTAB technologies"
    Anne Caminade

    Success Story

    AquaNES – Clean Water: Nature and Technology Working Together

    “We need to determine how best to transfer this knowledge”
    Prof. Thomas Wintgens

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    TOPTEN ACT - With Two Clicks to the Most Energy Efficient Technologies

    "Only with the full support of Euresearch while drafting the project proposal and securing funding were we able to start the Topten ACT project”
    Dr Eric Bush

    Success Story

    RHAPSODY - Decoding Diabetes to Stop its Progression

    "A large network is the only way to gain access to this unique collection of data"
    Prof. Bernard Thorens

    Success Story

    CIPSEC - The Expertise Making Our Infrastructure Safe

    "The aim is to create a common security framework that every country can use in a similar way"
    Dr Paschalis Papagrigoriou

    Success Story

    OPERAM – Making Medicines Safe For The Elderly

    “You need to find good partners in the EU and build an interdisciplinary team”
    Prof. Nicolas Rodondi

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    Success Stories Enterprise Europe Network, Horizon 2020

    EAWAG - Commercialising Knowledge to Recover Nutrients from Urine

    "EEN events are very useful for exchanging ideas and meeting partners, in particular when you have a specific need"
    Dr Kai M. Udert

    Success Story


    Success Stories by the University of Fribourg

    GRAPHINT - Long-Term Research to Enable the Management of Big Data

    "This ERC Consolidator Grant gives me the invaluable opportunity to work for the next five years on designing, implementing and evaluating next-generation algorithms and infrastructures to manage Big Data"
    Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

    Success Story

    MEMO SLEEP - Long-Term Funding to Understand Sleep from a Psychological Perspective

    "The ERC Starting Grant gives me the unique opportunity to look at this topic from a fundamental perspective"
    Prof. Björn Rasch

    Success Story


    Success Stories FP7 (2007 - 2013)

    Success Stories Brochure FP7

    The Success Stories brochure provides an overview on the Success Stories from Swiss participation in the 7th Framework Programme between 2007 and 2013. They are classified according to the 3 key objectives of the new European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020.

    Success Stories Brochure



    Innovation Success Stories FP7


    Finding the ideal complement to one’s business

    "In the EEN database we found exactly what we were looking for.”
    Alessandro Ganser

    Success Story



    Living artwork

    "The EEN led us to the right partner within a very short time.”
    Moritz Küderli

    Success Story



    Many Hands Make Light Work

    "We appreciate Euresearch being a strong and trustworthy partner, giving PolyGene significant support in becoming a strong coordinator of competitive projects.”
    Stefan Selbert

    Success Story

    Corporate speed dating that ends in lasting relationships

    "Partnering events are effective because I know who is there, what they are offering or looking for, and I can prepare myself accordingly.”
    Joachim Esser

    Success Story




    Health Success Stories FP7

    A small company realizes its big vision

    "The project is planned in a way that the ‘by-products’ of the development process are products that we can sell.”
    Dr Jens M. Kelm

    Success Story



    Creating evidence for fighting healthcare-associated infections

    "As coordinators, we have a lot of influence on the direction of the research. Having known the partners beforehand facilitates coordination, as we had a rather clear idea on where our guidance would be most needed from the start." 
    Dr Walter Zingg

    Success Story


    SPCL Keystone. Scientist Sanne Jensen

    Generating innovative compounds for novel approaches to cancer treatment

    "The administrative and bureaucratic workload was much heavier than expected, but more than outweighed by the considerable long-term benefits the project coordination brings to our company." 
    Dr Sanne Jensen

    Success Story


    Novel synthetic molecules to treat memory loss

    "The careful choice of partners according to the cornerstones of the call was one of the keys to success in winning the competition."
    Dr Carmen Sandi

    Success Story


    ICT Success Stories FP7

    Success Story SEMIAH, Misurio AG, Visp, Schweiz.
    Karl Werlen

    Partnering to Strengthen Competitive Advantage

    “Due to the parallels between the SEMIAH project and our own developments, we saw a win-win situation that would enable us to push our own products”
    Karl Werlen

    Success Story

    Good partners, good chances for success

    "The more successful you are with such projects, the more likely it is that your future proposals will be accepted." 
    Prof. Henning Mueller

    Success Story

    European Funding: an opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises

    "The project enables us to conduct research for two years that will lead to the development, engineering and marketing of a new product."
    Dr Carolina Medrano 

    Success Story

    Making smart phones smarter

    "The international experience and networking is invaluable."
    Dr Sébastien Marcel

    Success Story





    Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology Success Story FP7

    EU funding to make our food safer

    “The European Union is trying to involve small enterprises and promoting research not only for research’s sake but for the development of concrete applications.
    Dr Stéphane Follonier

    Success Story




    NMP Success Story FP7


    Making factories more energy efficient – and one’s university better known

    “SMEs actually get paid for improving their business, that’s wonderful for them.”
    Dr Paolo Pedrazzoli 

    Success Story


    Energy Success Stories FP7

    Experience and tenacity pay off

    “Our story shows that experience and tenacity pay.”
    Dr Daniel Gstöhl

    Success Story




    International collaboration needed for a product that sells internationally

    “If we only work with Swiss partners, we may develop a system that sells only in Switzerland.”
    Dr Michel Yves Haller

    Success Story




    Environment Success Stories FP7


    Coordinating a project: an exciting challenge

    "HEROIC aims to better integrate data on risks of various substances for both people and the environment."
    Prof. Martin Wilks

    Success story



    EnviroGRIDS enables informed decisions about water use

    "EnviroGRIDS is building the capacities to assess and predict the vulnerability and sustainability of water resources in the catchment area of the Black Sea"
    Dr Anthony Lehmann

    Success story



    Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities Success Story FP7


    Understanding the politicisation of migration

    "We were the ones who had the idea for the project, so we also wanted to be the ones to manage it." 
    Prof. Gianni D'Amato

    Success Story




    Space Success Story FP7

    Improving the steering part of satellites

    “The administrative burden of this project is not too heavy.”
    Dr Emmanuel Onillon

    Success Story




    Security Success Story FP7

    When worst case scenarios become the default

    "We can now involve our clients in such projects and act as advisors, which is excellent for customer loyalty."  
    M.Sc. Maximilian Wietek

    Success Story




    ERC Success Stories FP7

    Time and money for in-depth research

    “The starting grant really allows you to do research on fundamental things.”
    Prof. Dr Michael Bronstein

    Success Story



    Support for up-and-coming research leaders

    "Thanks to the grant, I can work for five years without too much worrying about funding.”
    Dr Andrea Alimonti

    Success Story


    Challenge successfully tackled

    "What made the ERC Advanced Grant particularly interesting was that anyone having such a grant was apparently going in the right direction." 
    Dr Klaus Scherer  

    Success Story

    Long-term research funding thanks to an ERC grant

    “It was the funding opportunity that provided the most long-term research horizon, and promised the most freedom and independence.”
    Dr Michalis Vlachos

    Success Story




    Marie Curie Actions Success Stories FP7

    How language influences how we think of gender – and vice versa

    “The networking effects are extremely valuable to us.”
    Prof. Dr Sabine Sczesny

    Success Story


    Additional funding for fellowship

    “European coffers will be an increasingly important source of our research funding in the future.”
    Dr Susan Brown

    Success Story




    “Funded by the EU”: a seal that opens doors

    "It is amazing how this “funded by the EU”-seal helps to open doors.”
    Dr Anje Schulze

    Success Story




    Infrastructure Success Story FP7


    Cleantech: industry and adademia collaborate on innovative product

    "We can test new technology and use it before the finished product is on the market."
    David Brémaud, Flisom SA

    Success Story