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    Success Stories

                                                                                                                                                                       Archive Success Stories FP7 (2007 - 2013)

    Impact Stories
    Horizon 2020

    Showing the impact of Swiss project participation on our society.

    Success Stories
    Horizon 2020

    Providing a glimpse into Switzerland's extensive, active, effective and strong participation in Horizon 2020.


    Success Stories Excellent Science, Horizon 2020


    New Horizons and Opportunities thanks to Career Funding (ERC)

    ‘Euresearch gave me feedback on my proposal and organised a workshop where applicants could practice their presentations for the ERC interview.’
    Prof. Sonia Seneviratne

    Impact Story


    KEEN Helps Lithuania Move its Research Forward (Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation, Nov 2019)

    “KEEN allows me to meet senior researchers at some of the best universities in the EU doing entrepreneurial research
    Dr Charlotta Sirén

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    PEDPOC - New device protects mother and child (FET, Sep 2020)

    ‘Euresearch made me aware that such an opportunity existed. They also supported me with the application and helped me structure it well.’
    Dr Mathias Wipf

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    EURYKA - Tracking Youth Participation in Democracy (SSH, Dec 2019)

    ‘Euresearch can help you understand the broader policy aspects.’
    Prof. Marco Giugni

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    QRANGE - When the Most Secure Key is not a Key (FET, May 2019)

    “Euresearch gave us good advice on setting our budget ceiling and essential input on the guidelines and main points to be addressed.”
    Dr Florian Fröwis

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    BiomCatOx - Crossing Borders to Nurture Excellence (MSCA, Mar 2019)

    ‘By the end of the fellowship, I will have gained a unique skill set to boost my career.’
    Dr Nathalie Ségaud

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    Lugano: Eurosearch

    PERDY – Screen Technology to Mimic the Eye (ERC, Feb 2019)

    “We want to figure out what we need to show the human eye and what we don’t, and only produce the content our eyes can appreciate"
    Piotr Didyk

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    macQsimal - Leading the Second Quantum Revolution (FET, Feb 2019)

    “Coordinating this major project has brought us visibility across Europe.”
    Dr Jacques Haesler

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    Hiperdias - Lasers Aim to Cut Ten Times Faster (ICT, Nov 2018)

    "Euresearch gave us advice about the different options open to Swiss companies and the chances of success."
    Enda McCague

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    CAP-SAliPharm - Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) technology (MSCA, Aug 2018)

    “The funding is a great opportunity to increase knowledge in novel processing technologies, as it provides collaboration with experts in the plasma field.”
    Dr Maria Consuelo Pina Pérez 

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    Locus Ludi – The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity (ERC, Nov 2017)

    “The most important thing is to profoundly believe in your own project because it comes from your own scientific path”
    Dr Véronique Dasen

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    OpenRiskNet - A Global Harmonised Basis For Testing Chemical Safety (RI, Aug 2017)

    “With a common language, data for risk and safety assessment from all over the world can be combined”
    Dr Barry Hardy

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    SUPERTWIN - Seeing Beyond the Limits of Classical Optics (FET, Jul 2017)

    “Thanks to Euresearch, we got specific advice on how to improve our proposal”
    Dr Dmitri Boiko

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    PlatMatSu – A Training Network to Develop Synthetic Materials Inspired from Plants (MSCA, Jul 2017)

    “The EU funding allows us to train highly skilled interdisciplinary scientists, beyond what an ordinary PhD would provide”
    Prof. Nico Bruns

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    EUROCIRCOL - Superconducting Wires for the Next-Generation Hadron Collider (RI, May 2016)

    "Working closely with CERN gives us the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects"
    Prof. Carmine Senatore

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    μ-CrysFact - ERC Grant for a Technology Toolbox for Crystal Engineering (ERC, May 2016)

    "[The ERC Starting Grant] offers me not only the possibility to establish a research group but also to push my research forward faster"
    Dr Josep Puigmartí-Luis

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    TARGETCARE - Extending Expertise and an International Network (MSCA, Sep 2015)

    "Every European research project is innovative and cutting-edge, and it is very satisfying to be actively involved in the progress of highly relevant fields"
    Dr Sybille Grad

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    Success Stories Industrial Leadership, Horizon 2020


    HORIZON - The Foldable Solar Plant from Switzerland (Energy, Sep 2018)

    ‘‘Euresearch and Enterprise Europe Network helped us find a specialist in the industrial manufacturing process and helped with resources, advice and PR.’’
    Gian Andri Diem

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    Bonseyes - Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence (ICT, Nov 2018)

    “Euresearch guided us, explaining how proposals should be written and how to achieve the right composition of partners in the consortium”
    Tim Llewellynn

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    SCISSOR – Projects that Fit your Company’s Roadmap (ICT, Jul 2017)

    “We basically fund our R&D by participating in European projects”
    Dr Charles Loomis

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    ICT-STREAMS - Connecting the Internet through Photonics (ICT, Jan 2017)

    "vario-optics is one of the only companies in the world able to produce the required polymer waveguides"
    Dr Felix Betschon

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    MACIVIVA - Better Vaccines for the Future (Nanotechnology, Sep 2016)

    "Building a consortium of different-sized EU companies brought us diversification and complementary expertise"
    Dr Sylvain Fleury

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    Success Story, Paro AG

    PERFoRM - Funding to Increase R&D Capacity to Optimise Production Control Systems (FoF, Jan 2016)

    "Participating in international projects has a positive cultural impact and opens new perspectives to new opportunities for our products and services"
    Martin Frauenfelder

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    EGSIEM - Knowing your Partners is Decisive for Success (Space, Aug 15)

    "These projects are a great opportunity for young postdoc and PhD students, not only to perform their research but also to have regular exchange with other partners and gain first-hand experience with organisational details"
    Prof. Adrian Jäggi

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    Success Stories Societal Challenges, Horizon 2020


    CENTRINNO – Rebirth for inner-city industry (Cultural heritage, July 2020)

    “Euresearch helped us a great deal in understanding what is valuable to the EU. My advice to others is to be bold, get all the help you can, but understand that such a project takes time”
    Dr Cristina Olivotto

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    OPERAM – Making Medicines Safe For The Elderly (Health, Apr 2017)

    “You need to find good partners in the EU and build an interdisciplinary team”
    Prof. Nicolas Rodondi

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    AquaNES – Clean Water: Nature and Technology Working Together (Climate Action, Mar 2017)

    “We need to determine how best to transfer this knowledge”
    Prof. Thomas Wintgens

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    CIPSEC - The Expertise Making Our Infrastructure Safe (Secure Societies, Dec 2016)

    "The aim is to create a common security framework that every country can use in a similar way"
    Dr Paschalis Papagrigoriou

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    MPC-GT - How you will Heat your Home in 2021 (Energy, Nov 2016)

    "Our consortium aims to improve the system efficiencies and real market uptake of hybrid MPC GEOTAB technologies"
    Anne Caminade

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    RHAPSODY - Decoding Diabetes to Stop its Progression (IMI 2, Oct 2016)

    "A large network is the only way to gain access to this unique collection of data"
    Prof. Bernard Thorens

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    BIO-CHIP - Taking the Lead to Treat Knee Cartilage with Engineered Grafts (Health, Jan 2016)

    "By receiving input from different perspectives, we were better able to address the proposed goals and develop new ideas for future projects"
    Prof. Ivan Martin

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    TOPTEN ACT - With Two Clicks to the Most Energy Efficient Technologies (Energy, Oct 2015)

    "Only with the full support of Euresearch while drafting the project proposal and securing funding were we able to start the Topten ACT project”
    Dr Eric Bush

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    EBOLAVAC - Fast Response to Develop a Vaccine against Ebola (Health, Aug 2015)

    “Euresearch’s ability to mobilise support on short notice, as well as their knowledge of procedures, framing and terminology is indispensable”
    Prof. Blaise Genton

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    Success Stories Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), Horizon 2020


    EnzOx2 - make high performance plastics from plant biomass waste. (Bio Based Industry Joint Undertaking, Apr 2018)

    "Euresearch clarifies and eases the application process. Horizon 2020 is a promising programme for Swiss companies."
    Urs Toedtli

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    Success Stories Enterprise Europe Network, Horizon 2020


    EAWAG - Commercialising Knowledge to Recover Nutrients from Urine (Partnering Events EEN, Dec 2015)

    "EEN events are very useful for exchanging ideas and meeting partners, in particular when you have a specific need"
    Dr Kai M. Udert

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    Success Stories by the University of Fribourg



    CASSANDRA - Accelerating mass loss of Greenland: firn and the shifting runoff limit (ERC, Jun 2020)

    "The ERC international competition was an exciting experience. Now that the project is running I have a large degree of freedom in my research."
    Prof. Horst Machguth

    Success Story

    DISEASE - How Ant Colonies Fight Epidemics (ERC, Jun 2019)

    "The ERC Starting Grant gives me the opportunity to start my own independent research group at an early stage in my career, and investigate the topics I want with a strong team."
    Prof. Nathalie Stroeymeyt

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    MEMO SLEEP - Long-Term Funding to Understand Sleep from a Psychological Perspective (ERC, Jun 2016)

    "The ERC Starting Grant gives me the unique opportunity to look at this topic from a fundamental perspective"
    Prof. Björn Rasch

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    GRAPHINT - Long-Term Research to Enable the Management of Big Data (ERC, June 2016)

    "This ERC Consolidator Grant gives me the invaluable opportunity to work for the next five years on designing, implementing and evaluating next-generation algorithms and infrastructures to manage Big Data"
    Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

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