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    Euresearch Services

    Euresearch is the Swiss network mandated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation providing targeted information, hands-on advice and transnational partnering related to European research and innovation programmes.

    This video on Euresearch services, available in 4 languages, will explain why you should contact us!

    Euresearch Webinars

    Webinars are a tool to provide conferences on the web. To follow a webinar, you only need a good internet connection and you will have the possibility to ask questions to the speakers online.

    Euresearch has produced a series of webinars on different themes so that you can stay informed about the last opportunities in European research and innovation programmes. You can re-watch the webinars on our YouTube Channel as often as you like.

    Euresearch YouTube Channel

    YouTube provides a visual environment allowing people to connect, communicate, share knowledge share ideas, share projects, share art using Video. Visual communication is the ultimate effective way to capture people's attention and interest. YouTube makes video sharing easy and fast.

    Euresearch YouTube Channel